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For Friendly Service Call Us On:
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Psychotic Spring Cleaning Super Tips

4 DIY upholstery cleaning tips for the savvy homeowner

Spring is around the corner and although to most people are welcoming the change of season with open arms others already breaking out in psychotic twitches, dreading the mammoth and looming task which is spring cleaning. Sure, we’d all like to be able to buy a brand new couch every year but that’s not always possible, or necessary. If you want to pick up some great tips on how to freshen up your upholstery and ease your psychosis this spring then take a look at our 4 DIY upholstery cleaning super tips! more…

The Leather Question

How to maintain leather upholstery 

When leather upholstery is maintained it looks great. However, if you don’t maintain your upholstery and it gets dirty then it can just look like you are trying too hard. You know, the type that has leather couches because they’re cool; meanwhile the couches are falling apart. Trying too hard is not cool. So, here’s what you need to do if you want to keep those couches looking pristine. more…

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