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For Friendly Service Call Us On:
012 335 3322

5 Ways to Kill Bacteria, Dead!

News flash! Bacteria are everywhere! Right now there are bacteria all over your hands, all over your mouse, and now it’s all over your mouth. That’s right; take that hand away from your mouth! more…

Keep Off the Rug: The 5 Most Expensive Carpets in the World

An attractive rug can add another dimension to a room. It can brighten it up, tone it down, and add detail and texture; but which rug to choose? If you have expensive taste then you’ll definitely be keen for this one because here is a list of the 5 most expensive carpets in the world. It’s basically a list of the 5 carpets which you will never have in your livening room. more…

The Curious World of Carpets

10 Completely and Utterly Random Facts About Carpets

I can see you there twirling your cum laude moustache with the panache of a carpet cleaning professor. You may have degrees in carpet cleaning; you may have years of experience as a carpet cleaner, you may even be able to speak to carpets with the heartfelt understanding and gifted ability of a carpet whisperer. Uh-um….yes, it’s a real thing. more…

Be a Hero: Get Carpet Cleaning Superpowers

Superheroes, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Sure some of them can fly, some of them have super human strength, bla-bla-bla. It’s the same super powers over and over again. It’s like everything has progressed from the fifties except superheroes and their oh-so predictable powers. Modern day problems call for modern day super powers! So here it is; our advice on how to become a carpet cleaning hero! more…

Critical Carpets

Dirty Carpets and their Impact on your Social Life

First impressions are everything, so it really can be a wooden stake through your social life when you invite your new found friends back to your flat and they discover your soiled carpets. Yep, that’s not how you make new friends. more…

Four Steps on your Carpet Cleaning Quest

If you have carpets then you already know that keeping them spotless is a lot easier said than done. Whether it’s your pets, your kids, or even you, some way or another dirt and gunk manages to settle into your carpets, making your carpets look dull and your home dirty and unmaintained. more…

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