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For Friendly Service Call Us On:
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All Clean on the Home Front

Homemade Cleaning Solutions Which Will Save You Money

No matter how effective they are, toxic commercial cleaners are harmful to your family and your pets. Indeed, cleaning with eco-friendly products will reduce pollution and keep your home free of toxicity. Oh, and did I mention that they’ll save you money? more…

Choosing New Carpets? Have a Blast!

We’ve talked at length about carpet cleaning but perhaps we should dial it back for a second and impart some worldly wisdom on carpet selection. more…

Smoke Signals

How to Remove Smoky Odours from Your Carpets

Smoke odours can completely ruin your carpets and leave a horrible smell hanging in the room. Whether the odour stems from fire damage or burnt food a smoky odour can absolutely destroy the cleanliness of your home. more…

The Carpet Cleaning Solution

Learn How to Make a Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution

Sometimes you just need to do the job yourself. Whether it’s for financial reasons or because your of the belief that, “If you want something done right you have to do it yourself,” every now and then you have to get your hands dirty and do the job yourself. more…

How to Remove Wax from Rugs and Carpets

Its winter, I think we are all aware of that. If you haven’t woken up to the cold yet then you should probably get yourself in order, get out your winter woollies and turn that heater up! more…

Be a Hero: Get Carpet Cleaning Superpowers

Superheroes, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Sure some of them can fly, some of them have super human strength, bla-bla-bla. It’s the same super powers over and over again. It’s like everything has progressed from the fifties except superheroes and their oh-so predictable powers. Modern day problems call for modern day super powers! So here it is; our advice on how to become a carpet cleaning hero! more…

Critical Carpets

Dirty Carpets and their Impact on your Social Life

First impressions are everything, so it really can be a wooden stake through your social life when you invite your new found friends back to your flat and they discover your soiled carpets. Yep, that’s not how you make new friends. more…

Carpet Cleaning Wars: Steam vs. Dry Cleaning

Do you have carpets or rugs in your home? If you do then you already know how important it is to keep those carpets looking fresh. Dirty carpets can be a haven for germs and bacteria and leaving these parasitic pathogens to breed freely in your carpets can become a serious health risk to you and your family. more…

Plush Carpets: How To Keep Them Looking Fresh

You’ve taken the leap of faith and purchased a gorgeous plush carpet for your living room. I’m willing to bet that it looks fantastic! Plush carpets are great, they add a cosy, homely feel to any room, but beware because that lavish plush carpet can become a haven for stains, bacteria and odours if you don’t clean it properly.


Never Mind the Mud: Cleaning Your Carpets in 3 Easy Steps

If you have a family then you know the chances of your seven year old taking off his muddy shoes before he traipses mud all over your cream carpets are pretty slim. Not to worry though, because with these 6 easy steps you can get rid of that muddy mess in no time at all!


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